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Maine Coon

Seven Spirits
  description: Italian Maine Coons Cattery, member of FIFe and ANFI
Maine Coon Cat
  Breed history and description from Moggies UK cat site.
Furby Dream *PL Maine Coons
  We are small cattery from Nord Poland.
Warsaw - Poland
  Polish Maine Coon cattery registered FIFe.
  We are a FIFe registered cattery located in East Anglia UK. We breed for health, temperament and type in all colours including smoke and solid.
JoKo-Czar*PL Cattery
  The small breed cattery in Wroclaw - Poland, which is registered in FIFe. We are working with Chartreux and Maine Coon. Breeders: Joanna & Grzegorz Koczar
  We are a Maine Coon Cattery in Germany / Hessen near Limburg an der Lahn and Frankfurt am Main. Visit our Homepage...
  Admiring Maine Coon Cats Around The World
  Information about maine coon cats, maine coon kittens for sale, visit maine coon breeders websites, photos of maine coon cats, maine coon cat kittens and more. Excellent resource for all kitten and cat lovers.
  I Love Cats Maine Coon Breed Description
  The full breed description with pictures of the Maine Coon Cats.
  Maine Coon Cats
  Factual information on the breed, highlighting rescues, clubs, and pictures, including links of Maine Coon Cat breeders.
  The Maine Coon Mailing List
  at and how to subscribe to it
  Maine Coon Polydactyl
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